To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighboring rights to CryptoVanz is hereby waived. This work is CC0 in the spirit of the Cryptoadz and NounsDao and we encourage its use in memes, 'merch and anything else you want to do with them!


Vanlife adds an extra dimension

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CryptoVanz3D?

CryptoVanz3D is an art project from @KJE6547 that takes inspiration from the CC0 CryptoVanz collection. It is an homage to the original pixel art, thrown through a cross dimensional portal, and morphed into 3D!

CryptoVanz3D holders will receive all the benefits of holding an original CryptoVanz, plus the ability to unlock additional 3D potential as we hit the gas and drive into the Metaverse!

Everyone's got a PFP, but wouldn't you rather have a sick ride to drive around the Metaverse?

How many CryptoVanz3D are there?

Only 500!

Will my CryptoVan be part of this collection?

You'll have to wait and see! 300 out of the original CryptoVanz collection have been morphed into 3D, and all throwback builds will have a trait showing their original collection id. Original CryptoVanz IDs have been preserved where possible for everything under #500 (the size of the 3D collection), but for those originals over #500 you'll find your van shuffled randomly into the collection!

Of course this leaves 200 other CryptoVanz 3D -- which is a lot of room for new builds, and some serious lowriders and 1/1 customz!

What is the mint date?

CryptoVanz3D are dropping for existing holders on Thursday, August 4th at 10am PST.

Public sale will follow 24h later on Friday, August 5th at 10am PST.

What is the cost to mint?

0.005eth each.

How many can I mint?

All public minters can grab up to 10.

Where do I mint?
When there's CryptoVanz 3D available for sale, you'll find a button on the front page of
What do I need to mint?
To get your very own CryptoVan 3D, you'll need two things:
How can I see the CryptoVanz 3D?

CryptoVanz 3D will be visible on all NFT marketplaces once they're minted.

The easiest way to see your own CryptoVanz is in your MetaMask wallet once you've minted them!

What happens next?
Those of you who know how to look under the hood will see some surprises. Let's just say that the garage is geared up for some custom repairs and upgrade mods once the collection mints out...
Who the heck is driving this thing?
Artist and Driver